Stylish and Classical Marquee Design at Sillanwali Sargodha, Punjab

Stylish and Classical Marquee Design at Sillanwali Sargodha, Punjab
Classical Marquee Design at Sillanwali Sargodha
Classical Marquee Interior Design

Stylish and Classical Marquee Design at Sillanwali Sargodha, Punjab

Main Description of Design:

Spanish and Beautiful Classical Marquee Design in Sillanwali Sargodha. Our Client wants a unique and stylish Marquee/Banquet hall with multiple function base spaces. It’s not the only Marquee for Wedding Functions, It’s a multi-use Place Where Multiple Functions can be possible at the same time like Wedding Hall, Restaurant, Fast Food Café, Hotel rooms, Coffee café Etc.

Stylish and Classical Marquee Design

Marriage halls/Marquee Hall can be a perfect way to capture that feel and rich tradition of Classical Architecture. Such thought was the source of enlightenment by ArcoDesk Pakistan while designing this marriage hall in Sillanwali Sargodha. The exterior tells the story of an 18th-century dwelling showing the interplay of beige limestone and classical features into perfection. Of Course, the materials used are more modern but the need for cultural nostalgia was met perfectly.

 Project: Marquee Hall, Restaurant, Hotel, Boutique

Area of Project:  10 Kanal

Client: Dr. Saleem, Engg. Nazir Malik

Location:Tehsil Sillanwali , Dist. Sargodha

Style of Project: Classical Spanish

Scope of Services: Architecture Design| Interior Design| Landscape Design |Project Supervision

Senior Project Architect: Arch Mohsin Mughal

Design requirements:

Basically, it is not only a marquee hall, it’s complex of 3 separate space for valuable customers۔

1۔ Wedding Hall/Marquee Hall

  1. Grand Double height Entrance Lobby
  2. Reception office
  3. Manager office
  4. Admin office
  5. 2 Wedding Hall
  6. Separate entrance for Male and Female
  7. Female Toilets
  8. Male Toilets
  9. Female beauty parlor
  10. Male beauty Saloon
  11. Boutique
  12. Storeroom with cold storage area
  13. Serving area
  14. Fast food restaurant
  15. Parking Area
  16. Open Kitchen for Cooking
  17. Dirty kitchen
  18. Servant rooms
  19. Tuck shop

2. Restaurant

  1. Desi Traditional Restaurant
  2. Fast Food Café
  3. Open Sitting for restaurant
  4. Tea Café/Coffee Shop

3. Hotel/Guest House

  1. Hotel Rooms
  2. Dining Room