Beautiful Elegant and Modern Commercial Plaza at Jhelum

Elegant and Modern Commercial Plaza at Jhelum

Elegant and Modern Commercial Plaza at Jhelum

Beautiful Elegant and Modern Commercial Plaza at Jhelum

Beautiful Elegant and Modern Commercial Plaza at Jhelum

Beautiful Elegant and Modern Commercial Plaza at Jhelum

It is a truly proud moment for ArcoDesk Pakistan to be able to design this Prominent Beautiful Commercial Plaza Known as Fashion Hub at GT Road Jhelum/Kharian. Jhelum is the very best and the Prominent City of Punjab. Jhelum City is strongly Connected with Surrounding Cities like Kharian, Dina, Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Mandi Bahaodin, and Gujrat

Our client wanted a design that was both unique and Modern Elevation for Clothing Outlet Fashion Hub, with a Modern Interior Design that could be used for both Clothing Brands and Shoes Brands. Team ArcoDesk performed this job according to the client’s specifications, and the client was very satisfied. Architects, Interior Designers, Town Planners, and Engineers make up ArcoDesk Pakistan. In the City Jhelum, there is a beautiful, elegant commercial Fashion related Commercial Plaza.

ArcoDesk Pakistan believes in high-quality work and the strength of simplicity in architecture

ArcoDesk Pakistan has a team Of Professional Architects, Interior Designers, and Structural Engineers. Overall Project the Floor Plans, Front Elevation, Interiors, the facade treatments, Structural Design, MEP Design and it gave us the way forward to understand the Execution of Project. The proposed project is located at GT Road Jhelum near City Housing Jhelum and Metro city Kharian

Beautiful Elegant and Modern theme Commercial Plaza at Prime Location of Jhelum

We gain a better understanding from each project, styling architecture and interiors in accordance with changing architectural advancements while never having a sense of our values; we are, at our core, a Team of Professionals. We continue to be inspired by its surroundings, incorporating natural materials and straight lines while adhering to our firm’s design philosophy. The Architects team under the guidance of the Senior Architect Mohsin Mughal has tried to Design a unique Modern Elevation

Perfect work is created by teamwork. As we share their vision of a beautiful built environment, we take pride in our office’s constant commitment to quality in our work and our passion for our clients.

Location: GT Road Jhelum/Kharian

Style: Contemporary Modern Design

Project Type: Fashion Hub

Services: Architecture | Structure Design | Interior Design| MEP Design| Supervision

About ArcoDesk Pakistan

The ArcoDesk Pakistan Design studio is currently involved in Multi-Domain Design Projects like Hi-Rise Apartment Buildings/Mid-Rise residential, Mixed- Use Commercial Projects, Marquees, Wedding Halls, Residential and high-end Interior Projects. ArcoDesk Pakistan additionally provides clients all around Pakistan with exclusive design-based services.

We prepare excellent work to save our clients time and money. We can handle design innovation and complexity throughout the project development process. In our Design Philosophy, Design should be both user-friendly and long-lasting.. As a result, ArcoDesk does excellent work.