2 Kanal Stylish Spanish Villa at G11 Islamabad

2 Kanal Stylish Spanish Villa at G11 Islamabad

2 Kanal Stylish Spanish Villa at G11 Islamabad

Spanish Villa Design Briefing:

ArcoDesk Pakistan is a group of Professional Architects, Interior Designer, and Engineers. This beautiful and stylish Villa Design is at the prime Location of G11 Islamabad. Our client wants a Multi-Family Stylish unique and Beautiful House with elegant living space. This Proposed Stylish House Located at G11/3 Islamabad Area, So Exterior Elevation is very important for Client. Interior Design is a Combination of Modern and Classical interior Styles. The perfect combination of Modern and Spanish Material to help the design of the villa become more attractive

The design of a Double -story villa with additional features is arranged with rooms suitable for the entire area, fully converging the Design Taste and class of the client. Our Architects and Interior designers create Private /Personal spaces according to the requirements and uses of these Spaces.

Team ArcoDesk Pakistan has a lot of expertise in the area of housing design and construction with professional knowledge and high artistic taste, committed to creating their better to make the ideal Project. 2 Kanal Stylish Spanish Villa at G11 Islamabad.

Client: Dr.Amber Sb

Project: Area: 2 Kanal

Project: Residential

Design Style: Spanish Villa

Projects Location: G11 Islamabad

Construction By: Construction Point


  • >> Multi-Family Spanish House
  • >> 3 Master bedrooms with Attached Master bath
  • >> 3 bedrooms with attached bath
  • >> 1 Guest Room
  • >> 2 Drawing Room
  • >> 2 Dinning
  • >> Two TV lounge
  • >> Private Living
  • >> 6 Master Bath
  • >> 6 bath
  • >> Circular Stair hall
  • >> kitchen with family dining area
  • >> Dirty Kitchen
  • >> Laundry
  • >> 2 Storeroom
  • >> 1 Gym
  • >> 2 Servant room
  • >> Multi Terraces
  • >> Study room
  • >> 2 Double Car Porch
  • >> 2 Main Gate
  • >> Deck
  • >> Lawn
  • >> Servant Room