Building Bye-Laws for DHA Islamabad Rawalpindi

Building Bye-Laws for DHA Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Building Bye-Laws for DHA Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Building Plan Approval Procedure

About DHA Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Islamabad is renowned for offering a high-end lifestyle complemented by modern facilities and urban planning. DHA Islamabad was designed to serve the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan’s twin towns. The DHA in Islamabad has great infrastructure, design, and urban planning, as well as modern civic amenities to satisfy the community’s lifestyle needs.

DHA Islamabad is a great place to live and work, as well as a great place to invest. All phases are located in a prime location with easy access to a variety of utilities and facilities. Residents enjoy a variety of advantages, including low-cost shopping in local bazaars, delicious restaurant options, and easy access to world-class educational and medical facilities.

As Per the master plan of DHA Islamabad has been divided into different phases:


  • DHA Islamabad Phase 1
  • DHA Islamabad Phase 2
  • DHA Islamabad Phase 2
  • DHA Islamabad Phase 3
  • DHA Islamabad Phase 4
  • DHA Islamabad Phase 5

Required Documents for Building Plan Approval of DHA Islamabad

  1. DHA Islamabad scrutiny fee /Approval Fees
  2. Water Charges
  3. Application Forms
  4. Application Forms Sign and Stamp by DHA Islamabad Registered Architect and Structural Engineer
  5. Attested copies of Possession Letter/Allotment letter
  6. Architectural Drawings 03 Set(in Ammonia prints)
  7. Structural Drawing Set 03 Set
  8. Soil test report duly signed and stamped by the DHAI-R registered firm
  9. Soundness & Stability Certificate By DHA Registered Structural Engineer
  10. Isometric color view on a separate A4 paper with a soft copy (JPG)
  11. soft copy of drawing (in CD)
  12. Duly signed undertaking by the architect and structural engineer on a prescribed form and prescribed dues

Mandatory Open Spaces/Set Backs

Sr.No.Plot SizeFront Set BackRear Set BackSide Set Back
1Up To 200 Sq.Yards85% (including car porch)05 feet03 feetNot Required
2Up To 201to 249  Sq.Yards75% (including car porch)07 feet03 feet03 feet
3Up To 250 to 399  Sq.Yards70% (including car porch)10 feet03 feet03 feet
4Up To 400 to 600  Sq.Yards68% (including car porch)15feet05 feet05 feet
5Up To 601 to 800 Sq.Yards68% (including car porch)18 feet05 feet05 feet both side
6801 and Above  Sq.Yards60% (including car porch)20 feet10 feet05 feet both side

Mumty Floor Maximum Covered Area

The covered area of mumty will be calculated applying %age of lower side plot area:

Area of Plot (Sq yds)% Age Covered Area of Mumty (Sq Ft)


DHA Islamabad Building Plan Approval Submission Sample

DHA Islamabad Building Plan Approval Submission Sample

Other Important Information regarding Approval of Plan/DHA Islamabad Submission Drawings

  1. The plans of basement/Ground Floor/First Floor/Roof along with Mumty
  2. Front elevation/section passing through stairs and site plan/key plan showing width of the road. In the case of a corner plot, both front and side elevations are required.
  3. Boundary wall Elevation /section
  4. Main Gate, ramp, and water channel with respect to adjoining road/street.
  5. External dimensions of the building.
  6. Internal dimensions of all rooms.
  7. The position and dimensions of all projections beyond the walls of the building.
  8. Roof plan showing the location/dimension of the overhead water tank, mumty.
  9. Total height of building with reference to reference point including the level of finished floor and split-levels (levels be indicated on plans also).
  10. Location of reference service manhole and its invert level and location of water connection shall be clearly shown on submission drawing.
  11. Thickness and X-section of RCC structures.
  12. Location and size of overhead and underground tank.
  13. Site Plan
  14. The sewerage line, wastewater/soap line, and drainage line should be laid independently and marked properly on the plan. The soap water should not be connected directly to the septic tank. It should be connected to the overflowing manhole (constructed within the plotline) of the septic tank. A water channel of 4×4 inches would be constructed along the main gate line. This drain would be suitably connected to an overflowing manhole of the septic tank through a 1-inch dia pipe.

All Drawings/Documents Submitted at DHA Head Office DHA Phase 1 Islamabad DHA Islamabad Office Timing Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30

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