Beautiful Classical Marquee Design In Peshawar

Beautiful Classical Marquee Design In Peshawar

This Beautiful Classical Marquee Design at Peshawar. Our proposed Classical Marquee design has a beautiful combination of classical and modern elements on the façade and interior spaces. We utilized contemporary materials and ecological design concepts with drawing influence from the beautiful craftsmanship and geometric patterns of Peshawar’s historic marquees. The end product is a façade with clean lines, sizable glass panels, and elegant yet modest details that draw attention to the area’s rich cultural history.

When you enter, you will find a large, adaptable atmosphere that can accommodate a variety of events and groups. The grand central hall pays homage to the magnificence of ancient architecture with a rising roof filled with beautifully produced chandeliers. The utilisation of natural light produces a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, and the careful choice of colours and textures gives the room depth and uniqueness.

The logistical challenges of holding events are also taken into consideration in our proposed design. The design functions clearly designated seating areas, a big Hall with male/Female separate spaces, two stages for  groom/VIP seating, Manager room and separate facilities for catering and food service.


Modern audiovisual devices, options for lighting, and climate control elements have also been incorporated to make sure that any event conducted in the marquee is a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Our design concept is based on respect for the environment and sustainability. To lessen the impact of the marquee on the environment, we have included energy-efficient equipment like solar panels and rainwater collecting. The use of organic, locally produced materials also maintains a link to the past of the area and encourages sustainable practices.

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