1 Kanal Beautiful Classical House Design at Peshawar

1 Kanal Beautiful Classical Villa at Regi Model Town Peshawar

1 Kanal Beautiful Classical Villa Design at Regi Model Town Peshawar

This beautiful and elegant Classical villa is located in Regi Model Town Peshawar. Our client is Looking  Best Architect for a multi-family residence that is stylish, unique, lovely, and features a luxurious living area. The client attaches a high value on the exterior elevation because this planned beautiful house is situated in the Regi Model Town Peshawar. The best combination of Classical and Modern Styles with Traditional/Modern Materials to enhance the design of the villa. Stunning Classical House Design at in Regi Model Town, Peshawar.

The design of a two-story Stylish villa with additional amenities is designed with ideal rooms for the entire area, fully converging the client’s Design Taste and class. Our Architects and Interior Designers create Private/Personal spaces based on the needs and functions of these areas.

The Design Studio also believes in using modern technology to improve construction methods and consider practical ideas during the design process.

ArcoDesk Pakistan is an architecture and interior design studio that believes in change over time and considers each project as an opportunity to improve. Every member of the team contributes to some aspect of the project, and the context always plays a key role in all assignments.

ArcoDesk Pakistan is a group of Professional Architects, Interior Designer, and Engineers. Team ArcoDesk Pakistan has extensive knowledge and experience of house design and building, as well as professional ideas and professional taste, and is dedicated to creating the best project. We are pleased with our in-house teams, associate consultants, and on-site workers, who have consistently delivered excellent work and projects and who are continuing to work with us on a number of new projects that the firm is designing and managing.

Client: Mr.Imran Sb

Project: Residential

Project Lead Architect: Arch. Mohsin Razzaq Mughal

Elevation Style: Classical Design

Projects Location: Regi Model Town Peshawar